Myth busted: wearing makeup daily is bad for you

Wearing Makeup Daily

Often people asme if wearing makeup daily is affecting my skin in a negative way. At first, I started using makeup because I wanted to look older. Trust me, when you’re 21 and people ask you if you go to high school you don’t take it as a compliment.

Only after that I discovered its magic and it became a relaxing activity for me.

It is a common myth that putting on makeup every day is bad for your skin. I don’t think that is the case.

In fact, given the level of pollution these days, I believe it has the opposite effect (as long as you pay a little attention to the ingredients).

ADVANTAGES of wearing makeup daily

The best thing about wearing foundation daily is the protection it provides the skin against dust and pollution. Using makeup every day means that dust and all other unfriendly things don’t get directly on your skin. That thin, invisible layer protects it.

Another perk is that you end up doing it in a really speedy manner and it still looks great. The best example: winged eyeliner. It takes whole a lot of practice to get it right and I got to the point that I was able to do it in 5 minutes regardless of the shape I was after. I didn’t practice it anymore for about half a year and now I don’t even have the courage/can’t bring myself to try again as I feel I am back to square 1.

Winged eyeliner on a sunny autumn day.

Back in the day when I had a lot more time on my hands a 20 minutes makeup meant: face primer, eye primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows contouring, mascara, blush, lip balm.

Now, a 20 minutes makeup means: eye primer, foundation, concealer, eyebrows contouring, mascara. The others became optional and using them means I need a longer time for the makeup to look the same.

DISADVANTAGES of wearing makeup daily

You need to know in advance when you are getting out of the house. Depending on the kind of makeup you are fond of it can mean 10 minutes or 1 whole hour. If you are wearing foundation as a necessity (which is my case) you need to know in advance when you have to leave the house.

Being used to wear makeup daily you might have unreal expectations of how you look. A lot of times when looking in the mirror you probably have makeup on and that might mean that when you look in the mirror without it, you might not like what you see.

Be careful, so you don’t end up seeing makeup as a necessity to like yourself and your appearance. This is the biggest trap. Probably nobody has the perfect skin foundation gives you the impression you do. Give yourself the opportunity to like your natural self.

Makeup accentuates, brings attention to the areas of your choice but you are not your makeup.

My conclusion: I started using makeup because I wanted to change people’s perception about my age. Then I started experimenting and it became more and more enjoyable.

I think makeup is fun, relaxing and it should never become a burden.

I had a time when I wouldn’t get out of the house without full make-up on. That is not the case anymore. I still wear foundation when getting out almost all the time. But that is because of my skin’s sensitivity to pollution.

So if anybody would ask me what did wearing foundation every day did for your skin? I’d answer: it makes it look healthier when I take the makeup off.

I came to terms with my rosacea, occasional blemishes and so on. I think that happiness is the best makeup I could ever wear.

Full-Face-Makeup-vs-Natural-Makeup Wearing Makeup Daily
Full face makeup in the old days and nowadays.

Do you wear makeup daily? Why/why not?

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17 thoughts on “Myth busted: wearing makeup daily is bad for you

    1. Sometimes it does. You mustn’t allow it to become your most important asset but sometimes a good makeup can brighten up the day and make you shine from within.

  1. I love make up, i wear it almost every day, except the days I know im not going literally out of my place, this day is like my relax day i do my face mask and all so i like to keep it fresh at least 24 hrs!
    I know its not an obligation but honestly with it on i feel such a princes even if just base mascara and lips

    Loves from Sun &

    1. It used to be the same for me but things in my life changed and now the “me,myself and I” time is almost non-existent. So I had to adapt everything around that and the first one to suffer was makeup.
      I didn’t abandon it completely but in most cases, I simplified it drastically.

  2. I love the very last line, “happiness is the best makeup I could wear.” When I started traveling long term in January I decided to ditch makeup. I realized that I totally don’t need it to feel beautiful or like myself as long as I felt happy. I now only put it on for special occasions and it feels like a special event when I do.

    1. Exactly! Makeup shouldn’t be an obligation. Everyone should be able to feel ok about themselves without, it’s there to emphasize not to make you a different person. Travelling long term sounds great. Wish I get to do that in the future. I adore seeing new places, especially cities.

  3. My skin is also very sensitive and after I discovered BB cream I never leave home without applying it and at least some mascara (but usually eyeliner and eyeshadow too). I agree with you that make-up is somehow a protection for your skin!
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy

    1. Yes, I always regret when I spend too many hours in the polluted air with not protecting layer of foundation or BB cream as it really affects my skin.

  4. I love using make-up. I wear make-up daily. I always use primer, eye primer, BB cream, eye shadow and mascara. Sometimes more. Never less. And I really like it. I love urban decay. (Mainly the Nude palettes!)

    1. Most of the times I skip the primers and just use a setting one after the makeup is all done. Eyeshadow is optional because it takes 2 minutes more to apply it so I tend to skip it. I only hers good things about Urban Decay but I tend not to spend too much on makeup or I look for more budget friendly alternatives.

  5. Great points and blog post. I 100% agree with every word! Love makeup, but a full face is not particle or necessary every day for me either. Simple and put together is my go to! You look great in both pictures! Tal xo

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