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This beauty quote was said by Sophia Loren some time ago. And it is true and also, it’s the perfect illustration that beauty comes from within.

I strongly believe that every person has a personal definition of beauty.
It is true that we are influenced by Mass-Media as to what beautiful means. That is why there are certain people that are found beautiful by a larger number of people than the average. But, that is at a macro level. A person that has self-confidence will always be more attractive.
Attractive is better than beautiful.

Beauty can fade; either because it is not maintained, it goes out of fashion or the person’s personality makes it unimportant.

beauty quote

Attractiveness is something that is on a deeper level than what meets the surface. It is not related to trends and, most importantly, it is intertwined with the personality so it can’t be made irrelevant by it.

When a person is so attractive that people no longer see the “faults” of their physical beauty we call that person “charming” which is a great definition that shows how people perceive it on a deeper level. They are cast under a spell by the person’s wityness, candor or something else in their personality so much, that they no longer notice, not care that that person is not within the “beauty standards of the day”.

Probably the best example is Barbra Streisand. She was always considered a beauty and she still is even if, at a first, very superficial glance, she might not look the part of “beauty icon”. But her charm is undeniable.

What is your favorite beauty quote? Do you like reading beauty quotes? Let me know in the comments.

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