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Eyebrows Trick Make Them Stand out using eyeshadow beautyholics.co

My favorite eyebrows trick: how to make them stand out

Today I decided to share a little trick with you: almost any powder eyeshadow can be used for the eyebrows. You must avoid those with massive fall-out because no matter what you do they’ll probably ruin your makeup.  If you have light/silver blond hair finding the…

Wearing Makeup Daily beautyholics.co

Myth busted: wearing makeup daily is bad for you

Often people asme if wearing makeup daily is affecting my skin in a negative way. At first, I started using makeup because I wanted to look older. Trust me, when you’re 21 and people ask you if you go to high school you don’t take…

Makeup Changes Because of Aging beautyholics.co

Ageing: makeup changes that I had to make

Just like everything in life, with ageing come changes. The same way one, involuntarily, changes perception over certain matters one needs to change the skincare and makeup routine as well. Perception if often unintentional whereas skincare/makeup change must be done voluntarily.  Some might not see…