Real Techniques Stippling Brush review

review real techniques stipplin brush packaging

You saw this Real Techniques Stippling brush in my first Germany haul.

I still remember how happy I was when I saw it on the shelf in the DM. I think I almost jumped with joy thinking that OMG I get to try Real Techniques brush. Everybody was in love with them and were saying how good they were, what great quality they had.

review real techniques stipplin brush packaging

The truth is that for some reason I am reluctant when it comes to buying on the internet. I am afraid I might buy something that is fake or something that doesn’t have the quality I expect.

You know those Facebook images “Don’t buy your prom dress online?” Yeah, that’s what comes to my mind when I think about buying stuff on the internet. Especially cosmetics.

That is what actually kept me from getting my hand on Real Techniques brushes until last year. So I’m sure now you understand my enthusiasm when I saw them on the on the shelf.

At first, I wanted to buy the set with all the face brushes or however it is called. The one where you can find Real Techniques most popular. You know, the one for foundation that everyone raves about?

review real techniques stippling brush packaging

I really wanted to try that one. Well… apparently, I did not want that bad enough. Because that set was about half of the budget I had for my shopping session.

So I decided to buy this single brush instead. I had also read positive reviews about this. It was still for foundation and I already had a brush that kind of works on the same principle as this one ( one from Sephora professional)so I put it in the shopping cart.

If you want to know whether I regret that I bought this brush instead of that full set, keep reading.

Characteristics of the Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Description: From the website:
Our dual-fibre stippling brush is the trade secret for applying your makeup with an airbrushed result.
2 bristle types and lengths distribute the product for a feathery finish
Ideal for liquid or cream finishing product

Colour: handle: purple and black; hair: black and white

review real techniques stippling brush packaging

Results: The quantity of foundation necessary is a lot smaller (compared with a sponge). It spreads the foundation fast and even but it doesn’t blend it well.

Pros: You need a lot less product than you would with a sponge

Cons: It doesn’t blend in the foundation as it should.

My opinion on the Real Techniques Stippling Brush

It is not the best brush I ever used, it is not the worst either. I feel like it is best for younger people. Or for people that do not have dry skin and fine lines or wrinkles.

From a distance, the foundation and the coverage look great. But after some time it starts looking cakey and it looks like it “sits” on my skin, it’s not blended at all.

Would I buy it again? No. Do I regret buying it? Not really. I was so curious about them that I would have bought it even if I would have read a bad review for it :)))) As you can see in this post I bought another brush for them that is also for applying foundation.

review real techniques stippling brush packaging

AS strange as this might sound, I do not regret that I did not buy that brush set. I went to Germany this year as well but that brush set was nowhere to be seen in the shops I visited this time around.

I will give it some more tries and if I find that it works better with another foundation I will update the post here. As a final thought, I don’t really believe it’s a bad brush, I just think it’s not the right brush for me.

Do you have this brush? What is your opinion about it? Do you like it? If yes, what type of skin do you have? Do you use any other Real Techniques brush? What do you think about them?

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