RdeL Young Intensive lip care – review

It is time for another opinion on a lip care product. Today I have for you a You R de L Young Intensive Lip Care review.

This is a product that I like but I don’t love. I tend to always try products that promise a lot of hydration because my lips look awful without those and I have huge problems not biting my lips. This bad habit only adds to the issue. I had doubts if I should review this product because I am usually very enthusiastic about the products that I put on the blog. This does not enter that category.

That is not to say this a bad product. I actually like it. It just is not the best match for my needs during the cold season. I am sure I will love it during spring or summer. So it is a perfect purchase this time of the year.

R de L young intensive lip care review beautyholics.co

I present you the R de L Young Intensive Lip Care Lip Balm. Given the name, I kind of expected the similar result to the ones I got with P2 Perfect Lips Overnight Serum [LINK] but that was not the case. I’d say it is a normal lip balm in a tube. The “Intensive” in its name is not accurate. It feels more like a marketing tactic to differentiate the product from similar ones.

Characteristics of the R de L young Intensive Lip Care Lipbalm

Texture: Light, you have to apply a very generous amount to feel it greasy

R de L young intensive lip care review beautyholics.co color and texture

Scent: sweet, nothing specific

Colour: none

How it applies: You can apply it directly from the tube.

How it looks: You can barely see it

Longevity: 1 hour

Results: It hydrates the lips but I haven’t seen any “wow” worthy results. If you have very dry lips I would recommend trying something more hydrating.

Pros: It is cheap and easy to use

Cons: You don’t find it in every drugstore.

R de L young intensive lip care review beautyholics.co

My thoughts about the R de L young Intensive Lip Care Lipbalm

Will I purchase it again? Possibly. Would I advise you to do that too? Of course. Not everybody has lips as dry as mine and not everybody bloody bites their lips. In fact, I’m pretty sure most people don’t. Last week’s review [LINK] was for those who have quite serious problems with dry lips. This week’s review is for those who don’t.

If you have normal lips that are getting dry from time to time give this product a try. Now that winter is here you need to pay more attention to your lips. If, for whatever reason you dislike stick lip balms give this a go. I am pretty sure you will like it.

What type of lip care products do you prefer? Solid? Liquid? With a hint of color? With no color at all? Let me know in the comments.

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