6 products you need if you are a makeup newbie

products you need if you are new to makeup

Are you a makeup newbie? Are you in your 30’s (or close to it) and you start being interested in it but you have no idea where to start? Stay calm and read on, I’ve put together a guide for you.

1 Foundation for a makeup newbie

There are 3 things to take into consideration when choosing a foundation: texture, color, and packaging.

Being a beginner means you will have some difficulty applying it so I strongly suggest you get something with a light texture (even if they do not have great coverage). I am recommending this because chances are you will not apply it perfectly the first time. The light texture makes it a lot easier to apply and helps the minor mistakes go by unnoticed. I will advise you to apply it with your fingers at the beginning because choosing a tool to apply foundation with, deserves a post of its own.

Bonus tip: watch some tutorials on YouTube to see how to apply foundation.

As far as color is concerned I recommend those that have some degree of adapting to your skin tone. You will need to try a few foundations before you find “the one” so don’t panic :).

makeup newbie astor skin match fusion make up foundation SPF 20

Something like Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation comes to mind. It does not have great coverage but does its job and it does adapt to your skin tone more than most foundations.

Also, keep in mind that you can try and add a second layer of foundation to build up the coverage but be careful not to overdo it.

Make sure you choose a foundation that has a pump. This will prevent wasting a lot of product because you got too much out.

2 Mascara

Stay away from the ones with big brushes. This kind of brushes makes it super easy to apply messy mascara and to ruin your makeup or even worse: to irritate your eyes.

I would also recommend the ones for volume. I assume that being a makeup newbie you don’t master the “art of cat-eye”. A good mascara that adds volume to your lashes will have a slightly more dramatic look than one for length. That means that it will do a better job at drawing attention to your eyes.

makeup newbie mascara p2 high impact volumizing collagen post

I always wear black mascara. I know that there are people/magazines that say that for women with my complexion/hair color/age a brown mascara is best but I simply like the black ones better. They look more dramatic and they make my eyes “bluer”.

3 Nude Eyeshadow

You might feel like you don’t need but I strongly recommend that you get one. Make sure it is not one of those eyeshadows that fall out easily.

They are a great base for the rest of the makeup and even if you only use mascara a nude eyeshadow will make your eyes look rested. Most women have a different color on their eyelids then on the rest of the face. Yes, you can use foundation to make that color even but the foundation can easily crease. If you use a good nude eyeshadow that is not an issue anymore.

makeup newbie catrice nude mattes nude eyeshadow

4 Face concealer

Choose the ones with light textures and not necessarily “high coverage”.

They might sound very, very tempting when they promise they will hide everything but if you have no experience with them they’ll end up looking cakey and drawing attention to the areas you are actually trying to hide.

Choose those closest to your skin tone.

I know that most magazines say they should be slightly lighter but if you have no experience blending them the difference will be obvious.

makeup newbie face concealer catrice campuflage cream

After you will have some experience and your blending skills will be better, then, try the ones that have a lighter tone than your skin.

Choose those that have the applicator like a sponge, I find they take the ideal quantity of product and the chances of wasting product are smaller. Never, ever put back a cosmetic product if you took out too much. You might be tempted because you think you are not wasting product this way but the truth is that once out of the package the product is contaminated with dust and other things that there are in the air and putting it back means to fill the rest of it with what you picked up. That will eventually ruin the whole box. So in the long run, you will waste the whole product not just a tiny bit.

5 Very dark eyeshadow for a makeup newbie

makeup newbie catrice nude mattes dark eyeshadow

This may come as a surprise in a post for makeup newbies. But hear me out. If you are only getting interested in makeup eyeliner or gel eyeliner is probably SF for you. But you can replace it quite easily with a dark eyeshadow. It is even recommended after a certain age to avoid hard lines around your eyes as they make the wrinkles stand out. So a dark eyeshadow is perfect. When I say dark |I don’t mean black. I can be dark purple, dark brown or any other color that compliments your eyes and your complexion.

You always have the possibility too but an eyeshadow palette so you have more options.

makeup newbie catrice nude matte palette post

6 Lips – something for the lips. Lipgloss or lipstick or even just colored lip balm

I am not an expert in this area because, for years, I did not use anything for my lips. Except for lip balm, of course. But I noticed in the past few years that a well-chosen lipstick makes a lot of difference and it helps “put together” the whole makeup. Plus, if your makeup[ is really basic it makes it stand out without much effort.

make up newbie 6 products you must have as a makeup beginner something for the lips

If you don’t like bold lip colors you can always choose something more discreet like a colorful gloss, a light colored lipstick (Dermacol lipstick) or a very colorful lip balm (Nivea cherry/strawberry).

My Thoughts

Take it one step at a time and don’t panic if your first attempts don’t look as perfect as you’d expect. Practice makes perfect. I think that the first step for a good makeup is a good foundation and a good concealer. Even if these are the only things you put on your face when using the right ones and when applied correctly they can make a world of difference.

If you have no idea about makeup go shopping with a friend that is passionate about it or search the internet. If you have no friend nearby that is passionate about makeup… use it as a reason to find one.

Did you find the post helpful? Do you use makeup? What other things would you like to know as a makeup newbie?

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