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For a perfect manicure you need good tools

  Opposed to what you saw last week, these are tools I really use. They help finish my manicure faster and making less of a mess in the process. Well… I use most of them. The Rossman nail kit ended in my manicure necessities box because it had a very…

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Some of the products I emptied so far this year

I decided to do an Empties post. Just like Favorites post, you will not see one every month. I simply don’t use up so many products, therefore I couldn’t justify having such a post on a monthly basis. However, to not throw away the products right after I finished them….

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Eye tattoo? No need. These good eyeshadows will do great

I am always on the lookout for the perfect eyeshadow. In this post, I am reviewing one of my go-to eyeshadows. Keep reading to see why. Over the years I became more and more interested in simplifying the makeup process. Always trying to find the best solution to look my…

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Manicure necessities: My cute accessories for nails

I have to admit that I bought some of these things because they were so amazingly cute and cheap. Did I mention cute and colorful 😉 I don’t have a lot of them but I love them. I have 4 little boxes with glitter and 2 bigger ones. In one…

products you need if you are new to makeup

6 products you need if you are a makeup newbie

Are you a makeup newbie? Are you in your 30’s (or close to it) and you start being interested in it but you have no idea where to start? Stay calm and read on, I’ve put together a guide for you. 1 Foundation for a makeup newbie There are 3…

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A review of my one perfect blush

I have rosy cheeks without the help of any blush. It’s called rosacea :)) Mine is not very aggressive or aggravated. I love the fact that I can cover it with foundation. I am wearing glasses 99% of the time. That means that the foundation disappears from my nose and…

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Shopping is the reason I love the German DMs

When someone says Germany I hear: Germany DM haul. We decided, in February, we will spend a few days there for the Easter. You would think that knowing from February I’d make myself a list of what I need to purchase. But that did not happen. I did have a…

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My favorite lip product of all time: Maybelline Babylips

The Maybelline Babylips colored lip balm is something that is always in my purse. Although I do have quite a few lipstick I barely ever use them. There are two main reasons for that. First: you can’t have dry lips when applying a lipstick. It simply looks awful. And that…

Ready for the post with my nail polish collection? HA! You have to wait until next week. This week you get to see my base coats. I apply a base coat every time I use colored nail polish even though right now I only have 2 of those. The base coat is extremely important because it keeps your nails nice looking even when you don't have time for a full manicure. It keeps the yellow monster away from your nails (most of the time). It did happen to me that I got yellowish nails even with the base coat. Fortunately, it only happened once, and the nail polish was a green one. When I was younger I wasn't so thorough about it, mostly because I always had nail polish on. I didn't really care if my nails were yellow because nobody saw that. As time went by and I had less time to apply nail polish it became increasingly important for me to have healthy looking nails even when they were "naked". Therefore, these babies went from the status of "maybe" to the status of "must". This is the 4th post in my Manicure Necessities series. You can find links to the rest of the posts here. How many base coats do you have in your collection? Do you always use base coats or do you skip the step if you are in a hurry? Let me know in the comments. If you liked the post please subscribe.

My base coats: a mandatory step for the best manicure

Ready for the post with my nail polish collection? HA! You have to wait until next week. This week you get to see my base coats. I apply a base coat every time I use colored nail polish even though right now I only have 2 of those. The base coat…