p2 mango lip peeling peel your lips

p2 peel your lips mango lip peeling

I already told you in a previous post that I don’t usually apply lipstick. But, as a true makeup lover, I try to change that. Since the first step for a lipstick to look good is for the lips to look good, today I am reviewing a lip peeling. I am…

Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self

Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self

This Thursday I have for you some beauty advice. Today is international children’s day. Happy birthday to all those that are young at heart. I decided to write a post about what I wish I would have known in my 20’s. I know, I know… you are not a child…

feat L'oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution review
essence quick dry top coat p2 quick dry spray kallos quick dry drops
haul dm ebelin cotton pads dm ebelin dm babylove wet wipes compeed nivea diamond volume shampoo garnier micellar water

A mini haul of a beautyholic’s survival needs

The second haul in less than a month on a budget blog? Well… the name is beautyholics :))) What you will see in today’s post is in the category “survival mode”. At least for a beautyholic. They are all budget friendly, so it’s not like I killed the piggy bank….

clarins fixing spray fix' make-up refreshing mist review

A good way to glue your makeup to your face

When I put on makeup I always think how much is it supposed to last. I have products that I know for sure will last the whole day, but I also have those that will last 6 hours tops. The ones in the latest category are not less loved by…

manicure necessities top coats essence sealing top coat essence the gel nail polish top coat alessandro top coat essence gel look top coat essence studio nails better than gel nails

Shine bright like a diamond: top coats

Today’s post id dedicated to top coats. Welcome to the 8th post of my Manicure Necessities series. If you missed any of the other posts you can find the link for all of them here. I wish my manicure would look great for at least 2 weeks. Although I have…

the changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results time passing by aging
review l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold

Important step in my evening skin care routine: nourishing

If you read the about me page and the first blog post you probably noticed the wrinkles are something I don’t really like 😀 I don’t make a tragedy out of having them. I do make a mission out of trying to keep them where they are now. I use different creams…

manicure necessities tools rossman manicure pedikure set stephanie F anil file essence nail polish corrector pen s-he paper nail file

For a perfect manicure you need good tools

  Opposed to what you saw last week, these are tools I really use. They help finish my manicure faster and making less of a mess in the process. Well… I use most of them. The Rossman nail kit ended in my manicure necessities box because it had a very…