p2 peel your lips mango lip peeling

p2 mango lip peeling peel your lips

I already told you in a previous post that I don’t usually apply lipstick. But, as a true makeup lover, I try to change that. Since the first step for a lipstick to look good is for the lips to look good, today I am reviewing a lip peeling.

p2 mango lip peeling peel your lips

I am the first to admit that at first when I read about lip peelings I was like “Pffff, who buys that!?”. Well… look here. It is a lot easier to buy something in a tube or a jar than to make it yourself at home.

In this review, I will tell you my opinion about the p2 mango lip peeling.


Texture: a bit greasy, with exfoliating particles

Scent: sweet, like peach

Colour: peachy

How it applies on the lips: You just press the tube to get the product out.

mango lip peeling peel your lips applying

How it feels on the lips: The exfoliating particles are not aggressive at all

Results: lips are smooth and free of dead skin

Pros: Budget friendly, does what its suppose to do.

Cons: you can only find it in DM’s

Availability: Drogerie Markt/ DM

My thoughts

Do I recommend this product? Yes. Will I buy it again? Yes, if it still exists on the market by the time I finish the other one I have 😉

The way I use this product: I make sure my lips are wet, I apply it on my lips directly from the tube and then I gently rub my lips. You have to be careful when using it if you press too hard you might actually hurt yourself.

p2 mango lip peeling peel your lips consistency

I don’t believe that buying something to exfoliate your lips is a necessity. But I do believe that exfoliating them is important. It is a basic step to have nice and healthy looking lips. At least it is for me.

I do know persons that don’t need to pay special attention to their lips for them to look good. But I am not that fortunate. If you are like me give this product a try. You might like it.

Do you buy your lip peeling? How many do you have? How many have you tried so far? Do you make your own lip peeling? Are you using any kind of lip peeling at all? Let me know in the comments.
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