My favorites from the Manicure Necessities: colorful nailpolishes

manicure necessities nail polishes s-he maybelline coral orkid olivia gabrini post best

These colorful nail polishes are the main reasons why I buy the rest of the stuff that you saw and that you will see in the series.

These colorful little bottles bring such joy and they are soooo pretty to look at, I simply like having a collection of them.

Lately, I barely get to have a proper manicure (toddler, house chores, tiredness you know the drill). But when I do it’s such a nice feeling to look at my colorful nails.

A task just as pleasant as looking at my fresh manicure is spending the time to choose what color to wear on my nails. There were times when I couldn’t decide and I would paint each nail in a different color.

nail polishes glitter alessandro essence beloud golder rose essence circus max factor

In the photo above you can see my glitter nail polishes. Alessandro, essence be loud, golden rose scale effect, essence circus, and Max Factor.

Right now, I am searching for the perfect red color that compliments my skin tone. I did find it at one moment in time but I finished it.
You read that right, I liked the color of a nail polish so much that I actually emptied the bottle.

I used to think that red nail polish is kind of meh. Until one day when I had my nails painted at the salon. And the lady there used the perfect red to color my nails. I bought the exact same nail polish she used. Unfortunately, I never found the exact same color again so I am back to the “search” stage again.

My nail polish collection

nail polishes orkide gabrini matte red s-he dior dupe coral olivia maybelline colorama

Orkide, Gabrini matte, s-he, Coral, Olivia, Maybelline Colorama. The first two barely have any pigment one applied. The rest are ok.


Astor Laque DeLuze Lycra. I love their brush. It’s broad and with 2 moved I can cover the entire nail.

essence colour & go. These have been discontinued.

Farmec. This is the biggest Romanian cosmetic producer. Their nail polishes are of very good quality. Did I mentioned I am looking for the perfect red;)?

Flormar Plus Quartz, Flormar nail enamel, Flormar Supershine. I love their nail polishes. Their colors are very saturated and they don’t chip easily.

Golden Rose Nail Laqcuer. The perfect red that I used to have was from them. So when I saw these I bought every red toned nail polish they had. None of them is what I was looking for.

I love the Miss Sporty nail polishes because they dry really fast on the nails and they’re easy to apply. Unfortunately, they chip quite easily. If you think you are seeing double… you are not. I have 2 bottles of the same color. I loved that purple shade so much… i bought 2.

Rimmel 60 seconds 250 pink Punch, 405 Rose Libertine, 260 Funtime Fuschia and Rimmel Lasting Finish Lemon drop. Unlike the name suggests they are not fast dry.


This part of my Manicure Necessities Series. You can find the rest of the posts here.

How many nail polishes do you have? Do you think my collection is little? Or do you think I have too many? Let me know in the comments.

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