Manicure necessities: My cute accessories for nails

manicure necessities series nail accessories

I have to admit that I bought some of these things because they were so amazingly cute and cheap. Did I mention cute and colorful 😉 I don’t have a lot of them but I love them.

I have 4 little boxes with glitter and 2 bigger ones. In one of the round ones I have colored stones and in the other little slices of different fruits.

manicure necessities series nail accessories

The truth is that I hardly ever use them but I just like having them. I call this “The syndrome of maybe, some day I will need them”. And… they’re cute 😀 Plus they were dirt cheap.

I mean, look in the photo below! I didn’t have time to gel all creative with the photos but I can imagine a ton of ways you can use those. Both on your nails and to make photos for a beauty blog nicer and colorful.

manicure necesities accesories fruits

The same goes for the second bigger box. It is full of colorful, rounded little stones. I actually did use these a couple of times and always got compliments about my manicure when that happened.

manicure necesities accesories stones

Tip: you can use either a toothpick or a pair of tweezers to get them our of the box. This way you minimize the chances of dropping all over the place. This also helps you to position them perfectly on the nail.

I just can’t bring myself to open those little jars with glitter. I am afraid that I will make a huge mess. And ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. That might change at any given moment. If it does you will surely see it on my Instagram.

manicure neccessities blue glitter

The two jars of glitter that you can see above and below look way better in real life. Their texture is like the ones you see in the glitter nail polishes you purchase from the drugstores.

I can see two options on how to use this kind of nail accessory. You can put about half the jar in a transparent nail polish bottle. Another option is to just dip the tip of the nail in the jar before the nail polish is dry.

manicure necessities white glitter

In the below photo there is a chunkier type of glitter. You could use like the decorative stones above or like the smaller glitter in the above photo. Probably if I’d choose option it’d be a nightmare to get it off the nails.

manicure necessities red glitter

This little baby below is what I call fairy dust. It has different shades, depending on the light and it is powder-like. I think that the best way to use this is by dipping the tip of the nail in the jar. If you choose a different way the probability of making a mess is about 99%.

manicure necessities purple glitter

manicure necessities all glitters


Do you use glitter? Or maybe shiny stones are more your cup of tea? Or fruit slices? Do you use these little fruits/emojis etc when doing your manicure? I call all of these manicure accessories. How do you call them?

This post is a part of my Manicure Necessities series. You can find links to the rest of the posts in the series here.

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