A mini haul of a beautyholic’s survival needs

The second haul in less than a month on a budget blog? Well… the name is beautyholics :))) What you will see in today’s post is in the category “survival mode”. At least for a beautyholic. They are all budget friendly, so it’s not like I killed the piggy bank.

Dm’s ebelin cotton pads are my favorite. It is so much easier taking the makeup off when using them. Especially the eye makeup.

The ebelin wet cosmetic wipes are for lazy days. If I am wearing foundation that is formulated to be long lasting I am much thorough when removing it. But… I am not always in the mood for it.

In the “not in the mood” days I use these wipes to take the first layer off of my face. Only after that, I use the oil makeup remover and then the micellar water. I use the DM Babylove baby wipes have the same thing but they fit in a purse way easier than the ebelin ones.

haul dm ebelin cotton pads dm ebelin dm babylove wet wipes compeed nivea diamond volume shampoo garnier micellar water

Compeed is indeed a need. Need I say more? 😀

I purchased Nivea Diamond Volume because I finished my shampoo. Diamond’s are a girl’s best friends’. right? Will see how I like it.

If you read the post about the German Haul post and you are here, you figured out which one is my favorite micellar water. Garnier all the way. It is not the only one I use but I like it the most so far.

I will be honest here: after I published one haul on the 27th April I was having second thoughts about publishing this one. But I figured I can’t hurt, can it? Plus, I had the photos taken :))))

How often do you buy cosmetics? Do you put on the blog all the cosmetic products you buy? Do you publish haul posts on a regular basis? Let me know in the comments.

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