Some of the products I emptied so far this year

I decided to do an Empties post. Just like Favorites post, you will not see one every month. I simply don’t use up so many products, therefore I couldn’t justify having such a post on a monthly basis. However, to not throw away the products right after I finished them. I will keep them until I have enough for a post.

In today’s post, you will not see too many products. Truth be told I can’t remember how long I had these empties. I can’t say whether I finished these products in 2 months or 6 months. It is something I just can’t remember.

A short description of these empties

In the left upper corner, you can see the first sheet mask I ever tried. I kept reading reviews about this type of mask. I bought this because it had a good price and it promised to hydrate my face which something I love in a mask. It was ok, my face felt hydrated. Most probably I will purchase it again.

In the downside left corner, you can see an exfoliating body scrub from Balea. It’s a limited edition but I saw it in DMs two years in a row, around the time when the summer starts. Loved it. It is gentle on the skin and smells sweet, like cookies. I have another one so maybe I will review it.

The Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara is my favorite mascara of all time. I bought dozens of them. I fell in love with their wand.

The Garnier Mineral deodorant smells lovely and does a decent job even during the hot summer days. I did not try to see if it works for 48 hr. Still wonder who does :))

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I can’t help but wonder what the reason is for so many commercials for deodorants lasting 48 hr. I mean… there aren’t that many people that don’t shower for two days in a row. It looks like they are trying to make it mainstream.

The Nivea Vital Soja anti-age day cream was ok. Nothing bad, nothing special about it. Did its job.

The Garnier 5Sec Perfect Blur is my favorite face primer so far. I am always careful not to run out of it.

I loved the old formula of Balea’s dry shampoo and I had really high hopes for the new formula. It was a disappointment. Not even close to what it used to be. Can anyone explain why take off the market a product with positive reviews and highly appreciated and replace with something meah?

Next to the Balea Trend It Up Spray-on dry shampoo you can see essence 24h hand protection balm, cherry, and coconut. It was part of their limited editions but I think you can still find it n shops. I loved it. It was hydrating and the sweet smell lasts for a long time.

In the upper left corner, you can see my ruined essence all about matt compact powder. I bought this in an attempt to replace their loose powder from the same range. It did its job ok but one slip of the hand and it ended up like this, which, obviously did not impress me pleasantly. I bought the loose powder from p2 (as you can see in my Germany Haul). Hope that will be a good replacer of my beloved essence loose powder.

How often to you publish Empties type of posts? How many products do you usually finish in 1 month? Let me know in the comments

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