Shine bright like a diamond: top coats

manicure necessities top coats essence sealing top coat essence the gel nail polish top coat alessandro top coat essence gel look top coat essence studio nails better than gel nails

manicure necessities top coats essence sealing top coat essence the gel nail polish top coat alessandro top coat essence gel look top coat essence studio nails better than gel nails

Today’s post id dedicated to top coats. Welcome to the 8th post of my Manicure Necessities series. If you missed any of the other posts you can find the link for all of them here.

I wish my manicure would look great for at least 2 weeks.

essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer

Although I have so quite a few colorful nail polishes I am not the kind of person that likes having a different color on her nails every other day. I am actually the opposite. This is why I bought the above top coat. It promises to make the nail polish a lot longer.

This essence top sealer stands up to his name. It is the top coat that helps my naughty colored nail polishes stay put and not jump right off my nails. Unfortunately, that effect does not last for 2 weeks :)) I’d say it prolongs the manicure with about 2-3 days. Given the fact that I wash dishes at least once per day that is a decent job.


alessandro top coat

As long as the manicure looks good I don’t change it. This is the reason I have so many top coats. The above top coat is the boss when it comes to making a pretty nail polish look Instagram worthy.

The Alessandro top coat is the shiniest top coat I have ever tried. I almost managed to finish it before it became too thick to be used. It does not help the manicure last longer but it looks so damn good I did not care about it. Ever since I finished it I tried to find a budget friendly dupe, but none of the ones I purchased was able to take its place. It remains my holy grail when it comes to shiny nails.


essence sealing top coat

I always try to make it look shiny and stay un-chipped for as long as possible. I haven’t found my holy grail for both of those, yet, but if I ever do I’ll let you know.

And what do we have in the above image? Does the name sound familiar? Just scroll up a little bit to find out why :)))) Beautyholics… shopaholic are first-degree relatives, you know? When I saw the above bottle I went into “I have to test it” mode. I just had to see if it was the same thing like the Studio Nails Top Sealer in a different bottle.

No, it is not. It helps a little bit but it only prolongs the manicure with 1 measly day. 🙁 Anyone in my geographic area that wants to test it? It almost untouched.

essence gel look top coat

These two (above and below) are in the category “Shiny syndrome, I have the test it”. They ended in my collection because both of them promise to make the nails shiny like gel nails and last just as long. Given how much I loved the Alessandro shiny top coat I could not resist their promises. They do make the manicure look better but not last longer. Apparently, I can’t have everything 🙁


essence the gel nail polish top coat

What are you looking for when purchasing a top coat? Do you want it to make your manicure last longer? Or are you the kind of girl that changes the nail polishes so often all she really wants is a shiny top coat? Did you try any of the top coats in this post? Do you have a favorite one? Let me know in the comments.

This post is part of my Manicure Necessities series.

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4 thoughts on “Shine bright like a diamond: top coats

    1. I heard a lot of good things about this top coat. I will try it some day. For some reason, I never found it at the Revlon stands in the Czech Republic. I’ll see if I have better luck when I go to my home country.

    1. Yes, the gel nails look spectacular, the is no other way around that. But I drag the idea of always having to go back and have them refilled etc. I had gel nails only once, it was great but I dreaded the process of having them refilled so much I decided it is not a good solution for me 🙂
      I love wearing socks :)) Even in the summer time, so for me, pedicure usually means cutting my nails as short as possible and using a nail care nail polish. But I do envy (in a good way) the women that have the patience and motivation to have a colored pedicure

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