For a perfect manicure you need good tools


manicure necessities tools rossman manicure pedikure set stephanie F anil file essence nail polish corrector pen s-he paper nail file

Opposed to what you saw last week, these are tools I really use. They help finish my manicure faster and making less of a mess in the process.

rossman manicure pedicure set manicure necessities tools

Well… I use most of them. The Rossman nail kit ended in my manicure necessities box because it had a very good price. A friend, that is far away from being a beautyholic, told me about it. She loved it so I went to Rossman and bought it straight away. I was afraid I would loose a great gadget that was dirt cheap. I did not find the right time to try it. Go figure! But I took advantage of the offer, HA!!! :)))

The ones in the picture below are the ones that I really use. I like the S-he paper nail files because they help shorten my nails fast without being aggressive. They turned out to be of great quality and a handful of them were used up when I had gel nails. They did a stellar job. I simply let the natural nails grow and as they got longer I used the rougher part of these nail files to shorten them.

manicure necessities tools stephanie F anil file essence nail polish corrector pen s-he paper nail file

The lady that put on my gel nails recommended it to me, so I decided to follow this procedure. I had told her that I won’t be able to go back to her to take them off and I was afraid that a different manicurist would ruin my natural nails. She said that I can use paper nails to shorten them. The process was messy and (very) time-consuming but my nails were not affected in any way.

I wonder if I am the only one that either makes a mess, either takes forever to finish a manicure. Lately, I managed to keep the mess under control but it takes me ages to finish my manicure.

This is part of my Manicure Necessities Series.

What tools do you use for your manicure? Do you have a lot more than I do? Do you have less? Let me know in the comments.

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