Important step in my evening skin care routine: nourishing

If you read the about me page and the first blog post you probably noticed the wrinkles are something I don’t really like 😀 I don’t make a tragedy out of having them. I do make a mission out of trying to keep them where they are now.

I use different creams for night or day. Today I will review a night cream: L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Nutri Gold.

review l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold


Official description: Nourish, Brighten, Restore. This luxurious night cream with aromas of essential oils rosemary and lavender helps to unwind and relax the senses, whilst the rejuvenating formula with Argan and Royal Jelly provides intense hydration and reveals the look of radiance to your skin overnight. Wake up to skin that feels nourished with moisture, soothed and smoother – after just one night.

post open box l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold

Texture: cream-gel like

Scent: a strong one, but I can’t tell you what the smell is.

Colour: “nude”

How it applies: it glides on the skin easily

How it looks: it is a bit greasy in the first 20-30 seconds

Results: the skin hydrated and I the wrinkles are kept away. I didn’t notice any new wrinkles and the ones I already had were slightly diminished.

l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold ingredients

Pros: It hydrates and keeps new wrinkles from appearing

Cons: not very budget friendly

Availability: in drugstores

czech slovak l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold

My thoughts

I liked this cream. It reduced the wrinkles I had and no new ones appeared. I said “slightly diminished” and I feel like I should explain a little further.

First, I want you to take into consideration that I don’t believe that face creams can do miracles.Second, I think that reducing wrinkles with a simple cream is a myth.


Please don’t take fine lines for wrinkles. Fine lines are just that: lines that appear for different reasons and they are on the surface.

Wrinkles are not fine lines. At least, not anymore. The are well established and all you can hope for is to make them less visible. You can make them look like fine lines, but I don’t think you can make them vanish. At least not with a cream. I haven’t tried botox (yet ) 😀

l'oreal night cream extraordinary oil nutri gold

Will I purchase this night face cream again? Yes, when they have another good offer.

Do you use day cream and night cream? Do you have a favorite face cream? Have you tried this one? Did you try any anti-aging cream from L’oreal?

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