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kallos review shampoo silver reflex beautyholics.co

Today I will review for you a product from a Hungarian brand, Kallos Shampoo Silver Reflex. It is a product that does a great job at keeping the green tones out of you icy blond hair. And it is budget friendly. Did you expect otherwise? You can see I already mentioned it among my favorite products here

Kallos shampoo silver reflex review beautyholics.co

Everybody knows blond hair is high maintenance. I think that the lighter the shade of blonde you choose the more you need to invest in taking care of it. That means both time and money.

There is always an option not to do it but the results are not pretty. Even with the best of intentions, it is still difficult to have a light blonde hair that does not resemble a stack of hay. If you don’t even try… it is going to be a disaster. And’ll definitely look like one.

One of the downsides of dying your hair blonde is that you need to avoid for it to get either a green shade or a yellowish one. That can happen because there is a chemical reaction between the chlorine in the water and some ingredients in the hair dye.

I know it is trendy nowadays to have all the colours of the rainbow in your hair. But this is not the kind of green you want. It does not look nice and it is (quite) obvious it is not what the wearer intended.

But, as always there are cosmetic products out there that are meant to help you fight this green monster 🙂 And, even better, some of them are budget-friendly.

Characteristics of the Kallos Shampoo Silver Reflex

Official description (as found on the product’s packaging): Controls bleached or grey hair’s yellowish shade. Restores its natural shine and silver brilliance. Gently cleanses and makes hair silky, soft and easily manageable. How to use: Apply to wet hair, gently massage and rinse. For intensive grey hair leave the creamy foam on the hair for a few minutes, then rinse.

Kallos shampoo silver reflex review English description beautyholics.co

Texture: it is a bit more liquid than most shampoos

Scent: sweet, nothing specific. It doesn’t linger in the hair after you use it.

Colour: very dark purple


How it applies: You need to be a little bit careful not to pour too much.

kallos shampoo silver reflex review consistency color beautyholics.co

Results: You need to leave it in your hair for 2-3 minutes. It keeps the green shades away.

Pros: It does what is supposed to do and it is budget-friendly.

Cons: Kallos cosmetics are not found in every country within the EU.

My thoughts about the Kallos Shampoo Silver Reflex

I know the Official description does not seem to have much to do with what I am reviewing it for but not all products are used what they are meant for. Cooking coconut oil used as body oil anyone? Guilty as charged :))))

I really like it and I bought (I think) 4 bottles so far. The minute a bottle is about half I put it on the shopping list for when we get to Hungary or Romania. That is because there are the 2 countries where I know for sure I will find it in shops.

One of the biggest cons of the Kallos Products is the fact that you can’t find them easily in every country. Sometimes you need to look for them really hard. But they are good products and they are worth the time spent on them. Even more so the money.

kallos shampoo silver reflex review hungarian description beautyholics.co

I definitely think you should give it a try if you dye your hair blond. What I do is use it with a different shampoo for other problems of my hair. I always shampoo my hair twice. I always did and I found that works great for me.

First I use either a hydrating or an anti-dandruff shampoo and then I use this one. I leave the Kallos shampoo on the hair for about 2-3 minutes, rinse it and then use my conditioner.

kallos shampoo silver reflex review ingredients beautyholics.co

If you want to hear more about another Kallos hair product I love you can do so here.

You can read about another Kallos product I love here.

Did you try any Kallos Cosmetic products? If not, will you or are you even curious about them? If you did try them, do you like them as much as I do? Why do you or why don’t you? Let me know in the comments.

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kallos shampoo silver reflex review romanian description descriere limba romana beautyholics.co
And a little something for my Romanian readers as well. Also, you can find the product’s description in Hungarian as well if you scroll up a little.

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