My favorite eyebrows trick: how to make them stand out

Eyebrows Trick Make Them Stand out using eyeshadow

Today I decided to share a little trick with you: almost any powder eyeshadow can be used for the eyebrows. You must avoid those with massive fall-out because no matter what you do they’ll probably ruin your makeup. 

If you have light/silver blond hair finding the right shade for your eyebrows can prove to be quite a challenge. Not everyone can pull off a “mother of dragons” look 😀 

If you choose brown you need to look for one that does not have a red undertone and these don’t come around so often.

Or you might not want to use a brown shade, you might want that perfect grey that compliments both your hair colour and your complexion. Those are even rarer than the aforementioned brown.  

I usually prefer to use grey because I think it compliments me better. But finding the exact shade that I want was always a struggle.

I found the perfect Eyepencil once, from Rimmel, bought myself 4 of them just in case. After a few years, the inevitable happened: they stopped producing and I had to find another solution.

My solution: I found a compact powder eyeshadow that was the perfect shade for me.

Eyebrow-Trick-Before-After how to make them stand out using eyeshadow
Before                                                             After

You might need to use some tricks to make it stay put as long as the products made especially for eyebrows but I also have a trick in store for that. You just spray a little hairspray on an eyebrow brush, slightly pass it over your eyebrows and you’re done.

It lasts for ages, it is way easier to find and, in most cases, it’s also cheaper. Not to mention that you can take less makeup when you go on vacation.

Have you tried this? If you did was it success or failure? Do you think of trying it in the future?

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13 thoughts on “My favorite eyebrows trick: how to make them stand out

  1. Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one!

    It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page
    layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

  2. You have awesome brows!! I totally use this trick too! It really works and I almost like it better than brow powders!

    1. Thanks. I haven’t bought brow powders in years. At 1 point I had about 10 of them, I think. I didn’t like any ( wrong color, wrong texture etc). Than I started using this tip and my life got easier.

  3. I love your tips! I’m very bad when it comes to eyebrows removing so when I do I totally have to put some products in order to help them look nice. And about the red undertone…. I know what you mean…. When the sun hits my eyebrows everyone can see every single line I did with my eyebrow pencil.

    1. Thanks. I’ve seen that to so many persons. I really don’t understand why producers don’t make more eyebrow powders without that pesky undertone.

  4. wow, this is such a good tip. i really love your posts. you’re my inspiration.! i never thought about using hairspray thought. interesting

    1. Awww thank you sweety. You make me blush.
      I read in a magazine about that trick and really does help.

    1. It took me quite a bit of work to make them this similar (and their still not the exactly how I want them to be). Keep trying different tricks until you find the best one for you.

  5. I love using eyeshadow for my eyebrows! Results in a much more natural finish which is great if I am going for something a lot fresher makeup wise 🙂

    I never thought of adding hairspray to set it but I’ll definitely try this out today to see how it works!

    1. Yes, quite a few people told they didn’t realize I use any kind of makeup for my eyebrows. Do try the trick with the hairspray, it really prolongs the time the eyeshadow remains on the eyebrows

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