An inexpensive way to glue your makeup to your face

essence make-up fixing spray keep it perfect

I like using a makeup fixing spray. The first review that I made was for a product that is not exactly budget friendly. But today I have for you one that is not in that category.

It is a makeup fixing spray from essence. I think this kind of product is especially useful during the hot summer days.

During the winter, most of the time, I don’t use one because I don’t think I need it. That is the case when I know that it will not snow or that I am not out of the house for a long time.

When it’s hot outside my skin gets a bit oily in the T area, especially on my nose, therefore, a fixing spray becomes necessary.

Characteristics of the essence makeup fixing spray

Description: The light, refreshing spray fixes and protects reliably the makeup, without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin, for all skin types.

Texture: like water

essence makeup fixing spray keep it perfect

Scent: one that I can barely smell and I don’t associate it with anything. It disappears right away.

Colour: none

How it applies: shake the product quickly and spray it with a distance of approx. 15 cm on the face evenly.

Caution: keep eyes and mouth closed. If the spray accidentally gets into your eyes please rinse them thoroughly with water.

Longevity: At least 12 hours. I did not test it longer than that.

Results: The makeup is fixed on your face.

Pros: Budget friendly, does what is supposed to do

Cons: You need to keep your eyes closed for a little longer so you don’t get your mascara on the eyelids. If it gets in the eye it stings like hell.

Availability: in drugstores

My thoughts on the essence makeup fixing spray

You are probably wondering which one I would recommend. That depends on how bad you want your makeup to stay on and under what weather conditions will you wear the makeup.

For example, I would definitely recommend using Clarins for your wedding day, when you have a photo shooting if you have a profession where your makeup needs to stay put more than 10 hours. For very special, once in a lifetime event, I think that the Investment in the Clarins one would be justifiable.

essence makeup fixing spray keep it perfect

If you want something that you want to use every day, like when you go to work or when you go to a coffee with the girls etc. In these cases, the essence will be more than enough and you will also save some money.

Do you use make-up fixing sprays? Did you try both types: high-end and budget-friendly ones? Did you notice any differences? Do you have a favorite? what is your opinion about this fixing Sprays or Mists? Let me know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “An inexpensive way to glue your makeup to your face

  1. I love using MAC’s Fix+ to finish, especially when I’m in humid weather! I didn’t know essence made a spray

  2. I truly never thought of using a finishing spray, I really didn’t think they worked. Thanks for the review of this one made by Essence. It is so hot this summer that I am actually going to try this one.

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