A review of my one perfect blush

essence silky touch blush 20 babydoll

I have rosy cheeks without the help of any blush. It’s called rosacea :)) Mine is not very aggressive or aggravated. I love the fact that I can cover it with foundation.

I am wearing glasses 99% of the time. That means that the foundation disappears from my nose and the cheek area under my glasses.

essence silky touch 20 babydoll blush

This is the main reason why I did not own a blush until I was 28. I didn’t see any point tin buying one because I knew I will not use it.

But beautyholics are beautyholics… I had to try a blush one day. Just to see how it looks like, how to apply it etc.

So, in the end, I bought one from essence. I’ve already tried a few of their products and loved them so I thought I could not go wrong. And I was right.

essence silky touch 20 babydoll blush swatch


Texture: pressed powder

Scent: none

Shade: 20 Babydoll

How it applies on the skin: a little goes a long way

How it looks on the skin: if applied in the correct amount it looks wonderful

Longevity: at least 12 hours (did not wear it longer than that)

Pros: It is budget friendly and of great quality.

Cons: Apply with caution. It’s quite easy to take too much on the brush.

Availability: in drugstores

essence silky touch 20 babydoll blush ingredients

My thoughts

The one I purchased is a pink shade and it is perfect for my complexion. It easily transfers on the brush so I can apply it without much effort.


Sometimes, too little effort :))))) I’d rather apply the second layer than to have to have to fix it because I put too much of it.

It lasts all day long. I don’t need to reapply it, it stays put until I clean my face.

essence silky touch 20 babydoll blush

I hit the jackpot with my first (and so far) only blush that I ever tried or bought.

Do you think blush is a must-have for a complete makeup? Do you use blush every time to put on makeup? What is your favorite blush? How many blushes do you have?

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