Dermacol lip gloss 07

dermacol lip gloss 07 review

Today I am reviewing another product for the lips. This time it is a makeup one. I think that lip glosses are the products that make the transition from lip balm to lipstick. At least in my case, that is kind of what happened.

At first, I was using lip balm only, then I discovered tinted lip balm and fell in love with them. From them, I transitioned over to “barely there” lip glosses, then to very pigmented lip glosses. Only after that I could bring myself to wear a lipstick in broad daylight and feel comfortable while doing so.

The lip gloss that I will review today is another one from Dermacol. They called it simply “lip gloss”. It did not come in a box and I did not find any other specification on it, like if it’s limited edition, if it’s from a specific range etc.


Texture: Like gloss, slightly thicker and not as sticky

Scent: none

Colour: red in the package, tinted lipgloss when applied in one layer.

Shade: 07

How it applies on the lips: I recommend a mirror. It is pigmented enough to make it easy to miss-apply.

How it looks on the lips: glossy 😀

Longevity: 1-2 hr if you don’t eat anything

Pros: lovely shade, budget friendly

Cons: nothing comes to mind

Availability: drugstores that sell Dermatol cosmetics

My thoughts

I usually apply it in 1 layer because my lips are quite red on their own so I don’t feel like I need to make to much effort to draw attention. What I like so much about this gloss is that its shade is a great match to my complexion.

dermacol lip gloss 07 review

I am not an expert in makeup, so I don’t know the theory with the tons/subtones, warm/cold/neutral shades etc It might be because I am too lazy to learn or because I don’t notice all the subtleties involved in choosing a lip gloss based on that theory. The only thing that I do know is whether it looks good or not. And this shade looks great.

Another thing that I appreciate about it is the fact that when it disappears from the lips it does so evenly. I had lip glosses that were like glued to my lips and they’d disappear in “pieces”. Not nice at all.

It doesn’t hydrate the lips but the glossy effect might give the feeling that it does. If you did not have time to exfoliate your lips and they are not looking 100% healthy it will help you mask that.

Do you use lip gloss? Is there a favorite that you have? What do you like best between a lip balm, a lip gloss or a lipstick? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Haven’t come across this brand before. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for sharing!

    Ioanna |

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