Dermacol face lifting mask – just as good as botox – a review

dermacol face lifting mask like botox

When I saw this mask, with its face lifting promise, it went straight at the top of my “wishlist”. The “I don’t need, but I want” wishlist, that is 😀 I think all women have on, right?

I don’t use face masks all that often. I am kind of lazy for them. In addition, they are a toddler magnet. And what’s the point of putting on a face mask if you can’t keep it on for more than 5 minutes?

But this one was much too tempting not to try. So I bought and one day, when my little one wasn’t at home I used it.


Official Description: This lifting facial mask with a concentrated anti-wrinkle complex had the effect similar to the application of botulin injections. Undesirable fine lines and any unevenness are smoothed out in just 5 minutes after applications*. The lifting effect lasts up to 4 hours after application*. The light gel-cream formula with ginseng and chamomile extracts increases your skin’s firmness and flexibility. It provides your skin with energy, making it suppler and softer and refreshing it.For all skin types.Dermatologically tested. Apply the mask any time to achieve an immediate lifting effect. Recommended for women over 30.
*tested in vitro

Texture: gel-cream

Scent: none

Shade: white, a combination between and transparent gel and a white face cream.

How to apply it on the skin: apply a sufficient layer on your face, neck, and decolletage, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then remove with a damp cotton ball.

How it looks on the skin: Like a face cream but in a much thicker layer

dermacol lifting face mask intensive, like botox

Longevity: a few hours

Results: The skin is more hydrated, and has that nice glow. The wrinkles were still there but the fine lined were a lot less visible.

Pros: the effect is immediate.

Cons: I never had botox injections but I am under the impression that this mask is not as effective 😉

Price: 59 Kc in the Czech Republic, in other countries the price depends on where you buy it from.

Availability: Drugstores. Here you have a map with the Dermacol shops in the world

My opinion about its face lifting properties

You know how most masks make you feel like your skin is shrinking? With this mask, it depends on how much you apply. On the areas where the layer was thinner I did get the “shrinking effect”, but where I applied it in a thicker layer that didn’t happen.

Regardless of the amount applied, about 5 minutes after I felt it doing… something. :))) It stung a little bit but it didn’t bother me all that much.

I will probably buy it again. It didn’t do what it promises but my face felt really good after trying it. It felt plump, hydrated and… relaxed. I do recommend it.

If you want the result of the package it might not be a good fit for you. If you want a mask that makes your skin feel energized, plum and with that special glow, I think you should give this one a chance.

Below I also decided to write its description in Czech:

Liftingova maska s koncentrovanym protivraskovym komplexem ma vysledny ucinek podobny jako po aplikaci injekci botulotoxinu. Jiz 5 minut po aplikaci* dojde k pozadovanemu vyhlazeni jemnych vrasek a nerovnosti. Vyhlazujici ucinek pretrva az 4 hodin po aplikaci*. Lenka gel-kremova textura s obsahem zensenoveho extraktu a hermanku zvysuje pevnost a pruznost pleti. Dodava pleti energii, zvlacnuje ji, zjemnuje a osvezuje. Pro vsechny typy pleti. Dermatologicky testovano. Pouziti: nanasejte dostatecnou vrstvu na oblicej, krk a dekolt, vyhnete se kontaktu se sliznici oka, nechte pusobit 15-20 minut a potom masku setrete navlhcenym vatovym tamponem. Plet nasledne osetrete kremem Dermacol BT Cell. Masku aplikujte kdykoliv pro dosazeni okamziteho efektu vyhlazeni. Doporucujeme pouzivat od 30 let.     * testovano in-vitro

Did you try this mask? Do you use any lifting mask? Did you try any mask that says it has the same effect as botox? What is your opinion on them? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Dermacol face lifting mask – just as good as botox – a review

    1. You are welcome.
      I am the same about the claims; I always think to myself “really? I have to try this”. :)))
      Sometimes I have the tendency of buying things that promise the impossible because I think “If they do only half of they say they do, it’s still a good product.”

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