A good way to glue your makeup to your face

clarins fixing spray fix' make-up refreshing mist review

When I put on makeup I always think how much is it supposed to last. I have products that I know for sure will last the whole day, but I also have those that will last 6 hours tops.

The ones in the latest category are not less loved by me. In some cases, it had to d with their quality. In other cases, it has to do with the season.

I mean you can’t expect a foundation to last just as log in the summer as it does in the winter. But I did find a product that allows me to combine long-lasting products with the ones not long-lasting in the same makeup.

I give you Clarins Makeup Fixing Mist.


Texture: like thermal water

Scent: none

Colour: none

How it applies on the skin: like a very fine mist

How it looks on the skin: it’s invisible

Results: it helps my makeup look like freshly applied for 24 hours

Pros: Makes the makeup last forever

Cons: Price is quite high

clarins fixing spray fix' make-up refreshing mist review

My thoughts

Even if it is expensive I would say it is worth buying. It does an excellent job at keeping the makeup put.

I would say that if you have oily skin that makes the makeup “run away” off your face you should definitely give this a try. I think it will prolong its life tremendously.

This is the first makeup fixing spray that I tried and I adore(d) it. Only after I gave this one a go I started looking for them in shops.

In the meantime, I did try products that promise to do the same thing at a much lower price. In the coming weeks, I might review one of those as well. If you want me to do that sooner rather than later let me know in the comments.

When was the last time you splurged on a beauty product? Did you try this one? Did you try any makeup fixing spray?

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