The changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results

the changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results time passing by aging

Today I decided to publish a post about the way my beauty routine changed over the years. You can also read about the makeup changes I made in time in this post.

I used to have mixed skin (oily in the T-zone and normal on the rest of my face). As years went by my skin got drier and drier. Now I no longer have a mixed skin. It is dry, and I need to be extra careful not to let it get dry and dehydrated.

I thought it would be helpful for younger women with the same type of skin to see what changes they might encounter. If you are in your 30’s and the skin care regime that you used so far is no longer working, keep reading, you’ll see exactly what to do. Please keep in mind that to see results when changing the skin care products you use you have to use the new products constantly for at least 3-4 weeks.

This is what made a huge difference for my skin

When I was about 29 my skin got incredibly dry. For about 6 months I tried 4 different face creams and oils to make it look better and nothing worked.

I was getting desperate, not understanding what was I supposed to do. My skin was so dry that any type of foundation I’d use looked cakey. The only thing that helped my foundation look better was the Garnier 5Sec Perfect Blur. But I didn’t find that as a satisfactory solution.

Help comes in unexpected ways. I had a medical problem and I had to drink at least 2 l of water a day. And, what do you know, in 2 weeks my skin was looking good and I could apply the foundation without any kind of primer. Yey for me. Since then I drink at least 2 l of liquids each day.

the changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results hydrating girl

I decided to give this example and not some theory about why and how you could/should/must drink water because I want to keep it short and simple. If you want to know more about the subject let me know in the comments and I’ll write it all in a post ( I know a lot of theory :)).

The second thing that made a huge difference in my beauty routine

I read in a lot of magazines (yeah, paper ones :)))) ) that you don’t need a cream for your face and one for your eyes. Just use the same one and you get the same results while spending less money. This might be a legit advice when you are in your 20’s but I truly doubt it to be correct when you are in your 30’s.

Just like all the things, skin changes. As time passes it has fewer and fewer cells that keep it firm, hydrated and that give her that special glow every woman loves. We need to try to compensate this.

I do believe that the best way of doing so is from the inside out (change the way we eat, be less sedentary). But I am not a nutritionist and I’d be a hypocrite to say I eat only healthy food. Therefore, I stick to giving advice about face creams.

So, yes, the 30s is the age when you can no longer apply the advice “Use the same cream that you have for your face for  the eye area as well.”

Some (me included) will notice that even when you are 20 something the area around your eyes needs a cream more nourishing and hydrating than the rest of the face. For some this need becomes obvious later.

I think I was around 26 when the fine lines around my eyes were not so “fine” anymore. I would notice them every single day and I really disliked that.

the changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results time passing by aging

At the time I was using the same cream for the whole face (including the eyes area). So I bought a hydrating eye cream. The result did not come within a week, it took a whole month but it was worth the wait.

With the right eye cream, the wrinkles around my eyes did become fine lines. It was not a meaningless language item anymore.

The thing I changed in my beauty routine

Just like stated before, I came to the conclusion that it is best to use a different cream for day and night. I use a lighter cream in the morning. I like it that way because it is absorbed by the skin a lot faster. Plus, if I choose the wear foundation, I can apply it almost immediately after.

On the other hand, a rich, nourishing, very hydrating cream is a necessity for my skin. By applying it in the evening I can give it time to be properly absorbed. Also, I don’t have to worry that my face will look greasy.

Another thing for you to take into consideration is that some creams have a better effect overnight. They need longer time and are more effective if the muscles are completely relaxed.

My thoughts

The best change, in this case, comes from the inside. That is the first thing you need to take care of. After that the creams come in second as importance, from my experience.

the changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results

Drinking more liquids will not bring you immediate results. Give it at least 3 weeks and you might notice the difference. You might not, because seeing your face every day might prevent you from noticing.

Advice: take a picture when you decide to drink more liquids. Print a daily habit tracker. Stick to the habit no matter what. Forget about the photo you took and after 3 weeks ago and take another photo. I am convinced that this way you will see the difference.

In the meantime do not make any other drastic changes to your routine. This way you can verify for yourself how effective it is.

What changes happened to you complexion over the years? What did you do about these changes? Is there any information in this post that you would like me to write a separate article for?


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3 thoughts on “The changes I made in my beauty routine that had the best results

  1. Great post! It’s very important to be able to understand what your skin needs and be able to change your routine accordingly.
    For me, I got the best results when I started using sunscreen on a daily basis, no matter what the season. Until then, every single blemish/spot I got was leaving a dark scar on my face and it was taking weeks of exfoliation to get rid of it. With sunscreen, apart from the obvious preventative anti-aging benefits, I was able to eliminate the discolorations and now my skin is completely clear.

    Ioanna |

    1. That is so true. Using SPF daily has a major impact on the skin. I really wish I would have paid more attention to SPF when I was younger. I kept reading about it but I didn’t like the greasy feeling I had on my face. This was the main reason why I did not use it daily for w few years. That was a huge mistake, but a good lesson.

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