review real techniques stipplin brush packaging

Real Techniques Stippling Brush review

You saw this Real Techniques Stippling brush in my first Germany haul. I still remember how happy I was when I saw it on the shelf in the DM. I think I almost jumped with joy thinking that OMG I get to try Real Techniques…

kallos review shampoo silver reflex

Kallos review – Shampoo Silver Reflex

Today I will review for you a product from a Hungarian brand, Kallos Shampoo Silver Reflex. It is a product that does a great job at keeping the green tones out of you icy blond hair. And it is budget friendly. Did you expect otherwise? You…

R de L young intensive lip care review

RdeL Young Intensive lip care – review

It is time for another opinion on a lip care product. Today I have for you a You R de L Young Intensive Lip Care review. This is a product that I like but I don’t love. I tend to always try products that promise…

p2 lip care overnight serum

P2 Perfect Lips Overnight Serum review

Today I am reviewing another lip care product. I can never have too many of those. As I mentioned so many times before I only started using lipsticks on regular bases in my 30’s. I think I was over 25 years old when I had…

L’oreal Caresse Glam Shine Stain Splash in Milady review
essence bb lips beauty balm lip gloss 05 heartbreaker

Lip gloss essence 05 heartbreaker – review

Today I am reviewing for you another lip gloss. You can find the previous review of a lip gloss from Dermacol here and the one from Clinique here. I’ve decided to review another one because during the hot summer days making our lips look pretty…

lip peeling alverde

Alverde lip peeling

Today I have another review for a lip peeling for you. Yes, yes I know it’s another one of those posts where I already posted about a product that does the same thing. This is supposed to be a stingy beautyholic’s blog. That is true….

essence make-up fixing spray keep it perfect
dermacol lip gloss 07 review

Dermacol lip gloss 07

Today I am reviewing another product for the lips. This time it is a makeup one. I think that lip glosses are the products that make the transition from lip balm to lipstick. At least in my case, that is kind of what happened. At…

p2 mango lip peeling peel your lips

p2 peel your lips mango lip peeling

I already told you in a previous post that I don’t usually apply lipstick. But, as a true makeup lover, I try to change that. Since the first step for a lipstick to look good is for the lips to look good, today I am reviewing…

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