The best solution I found for removing nailpolish: Cien, a review

Cien Nail Polish Remover Classic Packaging Blue Review

I used to love to wear nail polish all the time. That means that I also need a very good nail polish remover.

The definition of “good” for this kind of product can differ a lot from one person to the next.

Some people are looking for something that will not dry their cuticles, others for something that has a nice smell, others for something that does the job fast and as clean as possible.

I am a member of the later. I don’t care all that much about the smell as long as nail polish is removed quickly and with as little mess as possible.

Cien Nail Polish Remover review

As a mom who wants to move fast because and not give her little bundle of joy the opportunity to play around with something that can be so harmful to him as nail polish removers can be.

So today, I am presenting one that does just that: dissolves the nail polish very fast and with as little mess as possible. Given the fact that I love nail polishes with vibrant colors and strong pigmentation this is not a job for any nail polish remover.

The characteristics of the Cien nail polish remover:

Scent: very strong, like acetone

Colour: none

How it affects the skin: it tends to the cuticles

Results: excellent, removes everything very fast

Pros: does is job perfectly

Cons: strong smell, dries the skin

Price: cheap


Cien Nail Polish Remover How to use in czech language

Cien Nail Polish Remover review how to use in Slovak language


Cien Nail Polish Remover review how to use in bulgarian






Availability: in Lidl only

My opinion about the Cien nail polish remover:

I like very much the way you can dosage it. It is safe, economical and convenient, but it is a bit more difficult to use if you do not have cotton pads.

The classic one stinks a lot like acetone. It takes the nail polishes off easily but it dries the cuticles quite bad so I use an oil for my nails immediately after. The exception is when I put on another nail polish. In this case, I apply the oil after the manicure is done and the nail polish is dry.

Cien Nail Polish Remover cap

I like that I will be able to refill the bottle. I read a few reviews that the pump stopped working properly but nothing went wrong with mine, and I tried refilling it 3 times already. 

What kind of nail polish remover do you like? Do you have a favorite nail polish remover? Did you find anything that is as effective as acetone without the specific smell? If so, let me know in the comments. I’d love to try it.

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16 thoughts on “The best solution I found for removing nailpolish: Cien, a review

    1. Better than most but you still need to work quite hard to get it off.
      What I do to make my life easier when I use glitter nail polish is: cut the cotton pads in 4, make sure they are dump with the nail polish remover, put them on the nail, wrap the finger in aluminum foil, wait for about 3 minutes then take it off the way I usually do just pressing a bit harder. I wrap all my fingers, then I wait for the 2-3 minutes.
      It might sound complicated, but once I got the hang of it the whole process takes about 10-15 minutes.

  1. I hadn’t heard of this brand before. While my nails are always gel, and are removed by the woman who does them for me (Love to Carol, she’s my angel) I do paint my toes and am always looking for a good product for them! Specifically because I tend to love on dark dark colours (my nails are almost always black) so its important to find something that actually works properly! Otherwise its kinda obvious… Thanks for sharing!

    Britt |

    1. You should really try it in that case. I almost always use a red nail polish that used to get messy when I’d take it off. Then I discovered this nail polish remover and things are great. I use 1 cotton pad to take the color off my nails and another one to clean any traces that might be left on the skin. I am done in maximum 10 minutes.

    1. Yeah, they are great for this kind of packaging.
      You might not have heard of it because you can find in only in Lidl stores and even there it isn’t always on stock.

  2. I had never thought about what kind of nail polish remover to get. I didn’t really think about all of the options that were out there, but I definitely like this idea. I think I’ll be looking into this. I love painting my nails a lot.

    1. I am the kind of person that loves going to the drugstore and just look at everything in it :))) Sometimes the ladies working there probably suspect that I want to steal something.
      I did try lots of polish removers because I tried to avoid ones that make my cuticles dry but in the end, I decided that I prefer fast over everything else.

    1. You definitely should. Let me know what you think about it if you try it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. My nails are ALWAYS painted, so I will give this a try. Sounds like a great remover.

    1. It is. I use the cotton that I also use to remove the makeup. Two cotton pads are enough for all the nails when I wear a very pigmented red color. You should definitely give it a try.

    1. You definitely should give it a try. They have several options to choose from but this is my favorite.

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