Alverde lip peeling

lip peeling alverde

Today I have another review for a lip peeling for you. Yes, yes I know it’s another one of those posts where I already posted about a product that does the same thing.

This is supposed to be a stingy beautyholic’s blog. That is true. That is why most of the products reviewed on this blog are budget friendly. First of all, I am a beautyholic and after that comes the financially responsible part 😀
Like any beautyholic, I am a bit of a hoarder so today I give you the Alverde lip peeling from DM.

lip peeling alverde

Like I already said in the previous review for a lip peeling if you want to wear any kind of lipstick or even lip gloss you need your lips to look perfect before applying it.

There are some exceptions like you can see in the post to here. Some friends have products that make your lips look better even if before applying those products they don’t they do not look good. But, truth be told, if you put on lipstick when your lips are not exfoliated it will not look good and it will accentuate any flaw.

Lipsticks draw attention to your lips and that can be a very good thing or a very bad one, depending on the way the lips used to look before you applied that lipstick. The same way the right or the wrong lipstick can make or break a makeup, exfoliating properly makes or brakes how it applies not only how it looks.

Characteristics of the Alverde lip peeling

Texture: like in the photo. I’d say it is like a thick lip gloss.

lip peeling alverde consistency

Scent: sweet, nothing special

Colour: red

How it applies on the lips: it is quite oily. I can hardly feel the exfoliating granules.

Results: the lips look hydrated after using it

Pros: It is hydrating.

Cons: It is supposed to exfoliate and he just doesn’t do that.

Availability: In DMs

My thoughts

Between these two peelings, I prefer the one from p2. This one is more moisturizing the exfoliating.

I’m getting very dry lips and this is simply too gentle for them. I need something with rather stronger exfoliating granules. On the other hand, it is very moisturizing so if I use it on dry lips it has almost no effect but if I wet my lips and use it they are hydrated at the end of the procedure.

I will use all of it, the only problem is that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do it does not exfoliate

Do you use lip peelings? How many did you try so far? Do you make your own lip peelings? Let me know in the comments.

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