Ageing: makeup changes that I had to make

Just like everything in life, with age come changes. The same way one, involuntarily, changes perception over certain matters one needs to change the skincare and makeup routine as well. Perception if often unintentional whereas skincare/makeup change must be done voluntarily.  Some might not see it as a necessity but I think it’s a phase that every woman should go through. You always must pay attention to your complexion and what it needs and you must adapt your routine accordingly. Depending on your complexion’s particularities you must adapt your make products as well. I’ll tell you, step by step, what I changed over the years and you can see if any of my experiences apply to you.



When I was younger I had mixed skin. My T-zone was really oily  and the rest of the face was ok. I was able to use a mattifying foundation and it looked good on all my face not just the T area. These days my skin is a lot drier than it used to be and using a mattifying foundation is a big no-no. No matter what I use to apply it (sponge, brush, fingers) it looks cakey and it accentuates really badly the wrinkles and the dry patches on my face.  I started looking for things that have “illuminate” and “glow” among their promises. They look waaaay better on my face even if I need some touch ups during the day.



Simple: less is more. I no longer use pigmentated powder as it’s too obvious on the  face. The translucent one is my friend now. I must be extra careful not to over do it because of the aforementioned reason.

Face concealer


I try to avoid using it because most of them badly accentuate dry skin. If I really have to use it, I choose one as creamy as possible and it doesn’t have to cover everything. I want my face to look better not to wear a mask. Instead, I started using a green primer to better hide the redness.

Dark circles concealer

There are days when I am so sleep deprived that I look like a raccoon.  Therefore, a high coverage concealer is a must. Applying it now takes as much as making the perfect winged/symmetric line used to. That is because I have fine lines and every concealer I tried accentuates them, creases and it looks cakey. 


I haven’t changed anything in this department.




Until I turned 30 I hardly used lipstick. In fact, I only had 1 lipstick that I used regularly for about a year and then it was discontinued. After 30 I became more and more interested in lipsticks and now I have quite a few ( about 10 I think).  This was not a necessity 🙂 It happened because the time that I could afford to allocate to my makeup routine was reduced drastically and given the raccoon episodes I decided to try and distract the attention from that area. What better way to do that than with a colorful lipstick?

My conclusion

As time went by the makeup lost its importance and as the self-confidence went up I felt less motivated to do elaborate makeup on a daily basis. On the downside, that means that nowadays if I want to do a full makeup it takes forever and it’s hardly ever what I intended.

My advice for everybody is this: experiment. It’s the best way to find out what looks good on you and what type of products are the best fit. Also, try different brushes and sponges to see what improves the way the products look on your face. While trying to find before and after photos for this article I realized one thing: my makeup looks the same but I changed the products to get those same results. 

What are the changes that you made in your makeup routine over the years? What have you discovered as time went by? Is there any area that skipped my mind and you want to know more about?

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12 thoughts on “Ageing: makeup changes that I had to make

  1. This is so interesting! I am 27 now and I am just now starting(although I should have sooner) to pay attention to wrinkles and skin care. And it is true, as we age, we need to adjust the makeup products we use. Do you have a post about skin care according to our age?

  2. Interesting! Since you asked … the big changes I made were to step away from chemicals and go organic. I also focus a lot more on changing the outside from the inside … through my nutrition. 🙂 It’s been life changing.

  3. I noticed the same thing too: with the passing of time I had to change my face creams and foundations to more hydrating ones. But I found some really nice alternatives to what I was using so all is good now.

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