Shopping is the reason I love the German DMs

When someone says Germany I hear: Germany DM haul. We decided, in February, we will spend a few days there for the Easter.

You would think that knowing from February I’d make myself a list of what I need to purchase. But that did not happen. I did have a list of everything I would love to buy, but the I only really needed 2 things from it.

In the below photo you can see everything I bought.

haul p2 face primer spray p2 loose powder p2 nail polish fast dry spray p 2 volume collagen mascara real techniques stippling brush essence space nail polish catrice illuminating concealer ebelin concealer brush garnier micellar water wild cherry body scrub

First thing when I entered the DM I went to the essence stand to see if they have my beloved loose powder. Much to my disappointment, they did not have it in stock.  That is why I purchased the p2 loose powder.

garnier micellar water wild cherry magic body peeling

I bought the micellar water because it had a really good price. I do have enough at home to last me for a month. But I could hardly ever have too much micellar water :))) After all I use it twice a day.

The body scrub is one of the 2 products that I needed. I actually wanted to buy one od those body scrubs that comes in a jar. You know, the ones that are half oil, half sugar or salt. That completely changed when I smelled this. It smells like strawberry ice cream. I just couldn’t put it back on the shelf. So… I put it in my shopping basket.


haul p2 perfect face primer and fixing makeup spray p2 loose powder p2 quick dry nails spray p2 volume mascara

What you see in the above photo are all from P2. Their products are budget friendly and I liked everything I ever tried from them. If I am not mistaking you can find them only in German DMs so if you are just visiting the country don’t miss them.

I love my Garnier face primer but I always wanted to try one from P2. I loved the idea that it is a spray. That should make it a breeze to apply. It does say that it is both a face primer and a makeup fixing spray. That almost put me off but I knew I’ll regret if I didn’t give it a chance so… here it is.

The most important thing that I wanted to buy was the essence loose powder. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any in the DM I entered. Given the fact I liked all the P2 products that I tried I purchased their loose powder. It seemed like the next best thing. I really hope it will not disappoint me.

I still have some fast dry solutions for my nail polishes but the one from P2 is almost finished. A new one landed in my shopping cart because it’s so easy to use.

The mascara goes in the category “You can never have too many mascaras, can you?”. At least not when you restrain yourself from opening a new one until the previous one is finished. And the one that I was using at the time almost was. Since my eyeliner magic wand is not so magic anymore… a volume mascara seems the logic choice.

haul real techniques stippling brush essence nail polish space stories ebelin concealer pinsel makeup brush lip pencil catrice light reflecting concealer

I was about to go out of the shop when I noticed they have REAL TECHNIQUES MAKEUP BRUSHES. Capital letters had to be used because I (almost) screamed at my husband to STOP when I saw them. I would have bought all of them but we were out of time. Therefore, I grabbed the stippling one and off we went. It so pretty, and I wanted one for so long I almost kissed it after I purchased it.

Before the Reak Techniques brush entered the stage I got the “approval” from my husband for the nail polish. Approval because it is something I don’t need but I want. I love the color. The red lip pencil is in the same “splurging” category.

For some reason, I had difficulties finding the Catrice light reflecting concealer in the Czech Republic. So I took advantage it was in stock and bought myself a spear one. The Ebelin Concealer Pinsel brush went right along with it.

When was the last time you had a haul on your blog? What is your favorite store to go shopping for cosmetics?

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