Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self

This Thursday I have for you some beauty advice. Today is international children’s day. Happy birthday to all those that are young at heart. I decided to write a post about what I wish I would have known in my 20’s. I know, I know… you are not a child anymore at that age. As far as skin care is concerned… most girls are 😀 At least I was.

So I decided to write down what I wish I would have known as a 20-year-old about taking care of your complexion. It will not be a 2000 words essay. The following pieces of advice are a few steps that can be taken by anyone every day for a basic skin care.

My number advice: Use SPF

This is the most important step of all the ones I ignored or thought it is not THAT important. Well… fast forward 10 years later it hit me: SPF is a must.

Yes, it is a pain to apply every time you get out of the house but it is worth the effort. In time you will see the result and you will appreciate SPF to its true importance.

I may look greasy and it may make the process of applying foundation a lot more difficult but over the years you will be glad you used it. Plus these days there are so many options to choose from. I am sure you can find one that you like. I, personally, like one from Bioderma for children.

The best SPF are not (very) budget friendly, unfortunately. But, given the importance of wearing sun protection every day, you can consider an investment. Think of it this way: how many milligrams does your SPF have and for how many days can you use it. Make the math and see how much it is per day. I am pretty sure the result will be a motivating one of you put in balance the money you spent and what you get in return.

Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self SPF

I am pretty sure that the wrinkles on my forehead are a direct result of ignoring SPF in most of the cases. Not to mention that I have no trace of freckles since I started using it regularly.

I did not get into the reason regarding your health and how alarming the skin cancer rates are lately. I want to keep this blog on the “light” side of beauty. There are plenty of posts and articles that can tell all of the reasons why SPF is a must for your health as well.

Drink water

You can also see in this post that I emphasize the importance of drinking water. I consider it as important as SPF but it is much easier to do. Please, read that post to see my opinion on the subject.

Don’t forget: you can never hydrate from the outside as much as you can hydrate from the inside. Not to mention that drinking water has positive effects over your entire organism not just your skin or your complexion.

Clean your face daily

This is one is a mistake that a lot of people do. Not just the young ones: the idea that if you didn’t put makeup on there is no need the clean your face.

Most people are under the impression that unless you apply makeup there is nothing to remove from your skin in the evening. Much less in the morning. And they are so wrong.

Just think of it this way: you skin is working during the night as well + plus all the dust and pollution out there get in direct contact with your face. It is the most exposed part of our body.

I don’t consider water to be a necessary part of the cleansing process. Especially if you leave in an area where the tap water tends to dry your skin. If you already have a dehydrated skin and the water adds to that you might be better of if you avoid it for a while.

I am not saying to not use water in your cleansing process. I am just saying to test to make sure that it isn’t one of the factors that add to the dehydration of your skin. The best way to do that is by trial and error.

Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self

Remember that skin cells need about 3-4 weeks for renewal so if you want to test something that will have a lasting result this is the time you need to reserve for it. Less than that and you might have done the whole effort for nothing.

Use face cream and eye cream every day

This was and still is a tough one for me. As I said multiple times on the blog I tend to postpone things and sometimes I postpone them for such a long time it never actually gets done. Yep, procrastinator queen in the house 😀

But this is another step that is important and it makes a difference in the long run. If you skip a day it will go unnoticed.

But the problem with skipping one day is that, after that, you tend to skip another one and another and another one until a week goes by and… no cream was put on your face or around your eyes. And then the effect becomes obvious.

So yeah, I don’t skip it anymore.

Advice of a 33 year old to her 20 year old self

My thoughts

The best beauty piece of advice I ever read was: “For every single day you neglect taking care of your skin, your skin grows old 3 days”. Ouch. This hits the mark every time. It’s like a kick in the … back 😀

All of these steps are little, practical steps that each one of us can take every single day.

Of course, there are things we can’t control: our genes, the pollution in the air or how much stress affects our skin. These are basic steps that you can take today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow etc, to make sure that you help your skin look its best and stay healthy.

There are more complex steps that you can take to help your skin be healthy and look better. You can pay attention to what you eat, you can be careful about what you drink, always sleep at least 7 hours and don’t party all night long in the rooms full of cigarette smoke.

I did notice myself what a good diet can do to make my face look a lot better. The truth is I’m too much of a gourmand to actually stop eating the things I like. I try to eat healthily, but I really enjoy a chocolate, a good glass of wine and all these little joys of life.

Therefore I don’t feel comfortable to give you this kind of an advice since I can’t follow it myself. Plus, as I stated before this is a blog with easy steps, the fun ones the little ones that you can take every day.

If you are in your 20’s are you doing these things? If you are in your 30s what advice would you give your 20 years old self? What is the best beauty advice you ever received? Let me know in the comments.

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