beauty addict


Glad to have you here.

I am a Romanian beauty addict leaving in the Czech Republic. I don’t intend treating my addiction, I enjoy it to the max 😀 . That is in contradiction with the stingy part of my personality. It’s lots of fun trying to make those two get along.

On this blog, you’ll find lots of reviews for budget-friendly beauty products and a few not so friendly (sometimes even high end). Hope you stick around.

I do believe that taking care of yourself is a priority but I don’t think is synonym with emptying your pockets. Sometimes expensive products are worth any penny and sometimes a splurge is absolutely acceptable, but making the later a habit might not be a great idea.

Before reading any review I recommend you take a look below to see if you have the same physical characteristics as I do. This will help you have a much better idea whether a product is a good fit for your needs.

Skin: I have combination skin ( the T-zone produces more sebum, but not excessively and the rest of the face is dry). I have big pores, blackheads, pimples on the chin and around the nose, hardly ever on the cheeks). Rosacea.
A particularity that my skin has is its high sensibility to emissions. That is why I can not get out of the house without foundation unless it is somewhere without cars. The freckles come out easily if I expose my skin to the summer sun (only on my face, though). I don’t have any during the winter.
I am over 30 years old, so wrinkles are an issue. They don’t bother me all that much, but they are there nevertheless, around the eyes and on the forehead.

Hair: Cat-like (or so it is called in Romanian): no volume, greasy roots but dried ends, dyed blond for years. Its natural color is a strange blond-grey wand I don’t think it compliments my skin complexion at all (the color is like the one of the girl in the photo). This is the reason why I had it dyed blond for such a long time.

Body: Normal skin but very dry on the legs and prone to pimples on the back.

Hands: The skin on my hands gets dry easily regardless of the season. The worst is during the winter when, if I forget to hydrate it or drink enough water, at first they became like sand paper and they sting really badly. There was one time when my skin cracked (the pain when that happened is not to be mentioned). That is why I have at least 2 hand creams: one at home and one in my bag.

Nails: The cuticles are very dry so I cut them, otherwise, I end up having them on half of the nail and it looks awful. The nails don’t exfoliate just as bad if I use nail polish. I love having long nails but right now I don’t really have that option, so I keep them short or medium length.

Feet: Thickened skin and with calluses. Although I use foot cremes I only managed to make it better, not resolve it. I suppose it is related to the fact that I have really bad peripheral blood circulation.

If you want to contact me you can do that at either of the email addresses: info@beautyholics.co or beautyholics.co@gmail.com